What Is STEM Education?

STEM education is a unique and innovative approach to traditional schooling methods, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

STEM education creates critical thinkers ready for real world scenarios, here at STEMLETICS we combine this powerful form of teaching with athletics, creating a fun and engaging learning environment for our students.

The STEMLETICS Engineering Innovators Course Is a Perfect Fit For Students Who Are
  • Entrepreneurial Minded.
  • Hands On Learners.
  • Creative Thinkers.
21st Century Learning

Created for the modern day student, our curriculum combines education with sports and entrepreneurship to make learning engaging and fun.

Not only does this keep kids engaged, but it teaches them how to apply critical thinking to the real world.

100% Virtual Curriculum

Our easy to follow curriculum is designed to be completely virtual with or without the help of a parent.

With detailed lesson plans, automatically graded quizzes, and online text books students can easily follow our content.

Bringing Ideas To Life

Here at STEMLETICS we love watching our students' ideas turn into reality. At the end of our course, each student will have the opportunity to submit their final engineering ideas for the chance to receive funding.

Every month we take a look into every submission and select the top ideas to provide funding and turn their dreams into real life products.

STEM Bundle Pack

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When you purchase this bundle pack, you will get instant access to our Engineering Innovators Online Course. This bundle also includes exclusive early access to our 3rd and 4th grade Mathletes curriculum releasing in late August. The Engineering Innovators curriculum is all about learning how engineering is used to create unique innovations to solve problems in sports. Students also learn how to create a business out of these innovations by identifying target markets, choosing sales channels, and more. The Mathletes curriculum gives students a unique perspective of grade-level math concepts by relating them to sports. This curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards. All of our curriculum products are backed by our STEM.org accreditation.

How It Works

​The Engineering Innovators program is a completely virtual 5 week course that can be used with or without the help of a guardian. We provide in depth instructional material for each of the 15 lessons, along with a detailed lesson guide consisting of about 30 minutes - 2 hours of course work each day.

After purchasing, we will send you an email on how to set your online “Teachable” account up. Teachable is an easy to follow system where we’ve put all of the material we use for our courses.

This course contains an instructor's manual, online workbook, online presentations of each lesson, quizzes (that we grade), and plenty of hands on learning material.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Follow instructions in the post purchase email to setup your online account up.
  • Download our online lesson guide here.
  • Download the online workbook and follow our simple step by step course!


STEM Bundle Pack

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STEM Bundle Pack

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