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Online Course

Yes! Our courses are a great resource to add fun and engaging STEM content into your classroom. 

Each course is provided with an in depth lesson plan. Our Engineering course is a 25 day virtual curriculum consisting of about 30 minutes - 2 hours of work each day depending on the specific lesson and level of your student. 

Our STEM Accreditation ensures that our curriculum aligns with national standards so we can provide kids with premier STEM content.  

All of our courses are easy to follow and intended for kids to work complete independently. We do however encourage parents and teachers to get involved and add context to the courses.

We also recommend helping the students get started on the first day, so you both have a good expectation of what's to come. 

All that's required is a computer and internet access! 

We provide an online text book, teaching guide, graded quizzes, and everything else that's needed. 

Yes, kids can take the entire course online from any device with internet access. 

No, our course age is just a suggestion. If you have a younger child, they can take the course but will most likely need assistance from a parent or teacher. 

We are trying our best to release our other products as soon as we possibly can. We are currently aiming for a release date in Late August/Early September. Join our mailing list to stay up to date with the release of new content. 

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